Building Research Institute – Certification Company, Ltd. builds on a long tradition of Building Research Company (state enterprise) testing the properties of building products, auditing of production and works of state testing performed by State Testing Laboratory 227, which has been authorised for these works in 1982. Company was established in 1996 as the successional organisation of remaining state enterprise Building Research Institute.

We are authorised and accredited organisation, providing independent services in field of building products testing, proving, conformity assessment, inspection and product certification, certification of processes, EPD, management systems and quality welding. We also perform the certification of building quality using the method SBToolCZ. We provide our services to micro, smal and medium enterprises as well as to the most important building construction companies in Czech Republic.

Company headquarters is based in Prague – Hostivař, next workplaces are located in Prague – Uhříněves, Brno and Ostrava.

Our services:

  • Testing of construction products, performance of control or acceptance tests of construction products in situ at construction site
  • Compulsory conformity assessment, proving and certification of selected construction products for placing and distributing to czech market according Gorvernment Order No. 163/2002 Coll. and products with CE marking according Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011
  • Voluntary certification of construction products, processes and independent assessment of EPD
  • Qualification of construction industry suppliers for public orders according Act No.137/2006 Coll. and according the requirements of registered National system of construction industry suppliers certification
  • Certification of quality management systems, EMS, OH&S, ISMS and EnMS (ISO 9001, ISO 3438, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 50001) combined certificationsand performance of surveillances on management systems
  • Assessment of eligibility of organisations for the performance of project road and construction works in field of road infrastructure according requirements of resort quality system of Ministry of Transport Czech Republic
  • Inspection and certification of quality systems for production and assembly of steel bridge constructions for SŽDC – Railway Infrastructure Administration
  • Providing of expert services in assessment of efficiency of quality management systems and fulfillment of legal requirements for environment and OH&S, supervision and performance of independent control at construction sites in terms of compliance with requirements of management systems
  • Certification of complex building quality according SBToolCZ
  • Energetic and thermal and technical assessment of constructions and buildings, energy audits
  • Expertises and expert services in construction industry
  • Training and education of personnel, training of internal auditors
  • Centre of technical standardisation
  • Cooperation at applied research of construction products and processes