Research Institute of Building Construction – Certification Company Ltd. acting under a mandate from the Standards, Metrology and Testing Office (ÚNMZ) as a center of technical standardization in the field of thermal insulation products, waterproofing products and ceiling tiles. CTN VÚPS ensures standardization activities related to these areas of expertise in relation to the work of the European standardization committees and their relevant national technical standardization committees:

Thermal insulation products and materials

  • CEN/TC 88 Thermal insulation products and materials

Waterproofing products

  • CEN/TC 128 Roof covering products for discontinuous laying and products for wall cladding
  • CEN/TC 254 Flexible sheets for waterproofing
  • CEN/TC 361 Project Committee – Polymer modified bituminous thick coatings for waterproofing – Definitions/requirements and test methods


  • CEN/TC 277 Suspended ceilings
  • CEN/TC 357 Project Committee – Stretched ceilings


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