Construction products covered by harmonized standards are set by the European Commission for mandatory assessment and verification of constancy to facilitate the free movement of goods. Uniform rules for expressing the properties and use of the CE marking requirements for manufacturers, assessment systems, and mandatory activities of notified bodies are provided by the EU Regulation no. 305/2011.

The manufacturer issues a declaration of properties, labels the product with the CE marking and determines the product type on the basis of the assessment and verification of constancy of performance which is carried out by a Notified Body or himself.

Our Notified Body 1516 offers

to all importers and manufacturers:

  • Initial inspection of production control in the factory and the consequent issuance of the production control management Certificate
  • Continuous supervision, assessment and evaluation of the production followed by an issuance of a supervision report
  • Assessing properties based on tests or calculations, or a simplified documentation of the construction product
  • Durability test of the properties of the product with the release of the Protocol of assessment of the properties of the product
  • Carry out the necessary actions for a correct commissioning and supply of construction products on the market and CE marking, including the development of a basis for issuing the declaration of performance and label CE design
  • We are provide documents in all of the EU the languages, so that they can be attached to the products during their distribution to the destination countries

Our Competences

Assessment and verification of properties of selected products or production management, can be performed only by a licensed body registered by the European Commission, it is Notified Body.

Our company is registered by the European Commission under number 1516 and is the competent organization for the assessment and testing of construction products with CE marking. The scope of our Notified Body 1516


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