Building Research Institute – Certification Company is the holder of Certificate of accreditation given by Czech Accreditation Institute for Certification Body 3009 for management systems (QMS, EMS, OH&S, ISMS, EnMS). Range of services of our certification body defines the annex to the certificate of accreditation.

Certificate of accreditation for Certification Body 3009

Annex to certificate of accreditation for Certification Body 3009

We provide the services in certification of management systems since 1994. Issued certificates are internationally accepted.

Building Research Institute – Certification Company is Accredited Body for verification of technical conditions for the purposes of quality detecting (authorization of Ministry of Transport, Czech republic) in field of road infrastructure in the framework of inspection of quality management system.


National accreditation mark given to our Certification Body 3009 by Czech Accreditation Institute in association with license granting.

Certificates or other final documents (for emaple test reports) with accreditation mark prove, that the activities of certification body or testing laboratory are accredited and the subject of regular control of Czech Accreditation Institute.