The Environmental management system (EMS) is the tool for management of all company activities with respect to the environment protection, minimizing of negative impacts of the activities, products and services on the environment (emissions, waste and other) and rational use of energy and raw materials.

The principles of EMS and tools for managing the environmental aspects and the impacts on environment set out the ISO 14001 standard. The company with implemented and certified EMS presents to the customers ant to the general public, the positive relation to environment and energy efficient technologies and products and the support for sustainable development.

Certification can be only performed by accredited certification body. The accreditation in Czech Republic is performed by Czech Accreditation Institute. Our Certification Body for management systems is one from the first accredited bodies in Czechoslovakia and is registered in Czech Republic under number 3009 since 1994. We deal with EMS certification since 2000.

Certificate issued by our Accredited Certification Body 3009 is internationally accepted. Three years validity is conditioned by annually surveillance audits with affirmative results. The range of services and locations is described at certificate as well.

Our Certification Body for management systems provides

  • certification and recertification of Environmental Management System – EMS according ISO 14001
  • certification mark licence providing
  • issuing of multilingual certificates
  • combined certification and surveillance audits
  • certification conversion for the purposes of our combined services utilizing

Our Competences

National accreditation mark given to our Certification Body 3009 by Czech Accreditation Institute in association with license granting. Certificates or other final documents (for emaple test reports) with accreditation mark prove, that the activities of Certification Body or Testing Laboratory are accredited and the subject of regular control of Czech Accreditation Institute.


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