Declaration of Impartiality of the Certification Body

In all carried certification activities we apply these key principles – impartiality, competence, providing objective evidence of compliance, openness to customers and other stakeholders and we are maintaining trust and confidentiality of all information related to our customers.

The compliance coupled with the continuous analysis of probabilities for conflict of interest ensures the trust in the certification.

In Prague on April 12, 2022

Ing. Lada Pluhařová,
Head of the Certification Body for Management Systems 3009

Ing. Pavel Keim
Deputy Head of Certification Body for Management Systems 3009

Ing. Veronika Jenčíková
Quality Manager of Certification Body for Management Systems 3009

Issued Certificates of Management Systems

A list of issued certificates is available for inspection in the company’s headquarter.
Authentication of the issued certificate for a specific entity by our Certification Body is performed by qualified employees of the Certifying Authority on the basis of a justified request submitted in writing or by e-mail.