SBToolCZ is a Czech certification tool used in measurement of a complex quality of family houses, apartment and office buildings. Its results are used for the assessment of properties of the building and its surroundings in relation to requirements of sustainable development. It assesses buildings impact on the environment, functional, technical quality and buildings utility, operation economies and management, as well as location in which the building is constructed.

SBToolCZ structure evaluation allows to construct buildings that have lower environmental impact during construction and consequent use, lower operating costs and better user experience than conventional constructions.

Our Certification Body for quality assessment of buildings offers:

Set of comprehensive services for evaluation and certification of complex quality building tool SBToolCZ that can be used by developers, architects, planners and other users that are interested in such assessment:

  • project assessment tool PreSBToolCZ – a simplified form of assessment to obtain information on the level of complex quality of the building design
  • optimization of project to improve the complex quality of building
  • evaluation and certification of family houses, residential and office buildings in the design phase, id est evaluation and certification of the project
  • evaluation and certification of buildings in the operation phase


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