About us

Building Research Institute – Certification Company, Ltd. continues a long tradition of Building Research Institute in Prague s.p., in researching construction products and structures, as well as experimental verification of their properties, as the continuation of the activity of the State Testing Laboratory 227. This laboratory started its operations in 1982 and has extended its activities in the field of quality in the eighties. At that time, this activity was connected to the activities of the State Testing Laboratories working in constructions
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History of Company

Building Research Institute was established by the founding charter of the Ministry of construction of Czechoslovakia in 1958 as a state organization. Research Institute of Buildings in Prague s.p. – VÚPS Prague s.p., was authorized to operate in this field by State Testing Authority in 1982, as the State Testing Laboratory 227. Building on professional focus of VÚPS Prague, which has been a departmental research institute in construction, the activity Testing Laboratory 227 focused on construction products. Organizational units of VÚPS Prague s.p. were among the first organizations accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute in the construction field as a certification body for quality systems according to EN 45012 and product certification according to EN 45011 in 1994.
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Membership in Organizations

Building Research Institute – Certification Company, Ltd. is an active member of many associations and unions, nonetheless none of these is a professional association of manufacturers of building materials or products. This allows the company to maintain its independence and impartiality, which is the basic requirement for the operation of a state testing and performance of all accredited services which are offered by the company.

Code of Ethics

Building Research Institute – Certification Company, Ltd. complies with the Code of Ethics of the Czech Accreditation Institute and the Association of Testing Laboratories for Construction.