General requirements for the welding quality process of metal material, regardless of the use and purpose of the welded product specified in ISO 3834-2, -3, -4.

The implementation of the welding quality for metal materials is a vital prerequisite for a manufacturer of metal components and structures and for organizations conducting their assembly. Standard ISO 3834 specifies the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials in workshops/ or during the assembling, it is differentiated according to the level of requirements for the welding process. Higher requirements – second section of the standard; standard requirements – third section; basic requirements – fourth section.

The ISO 3834 requirements are included in the harmonized standard EN 1090-1 for metal structural elements in their market introduction phase specifying the requirements for the installation of metal structures.

Therefore, it is advantageous to demonstrate the eligibility of metal materials for welding certification requirements ISO 3834.

Our Certification Body for products and processes is offering

to all manufacturers of metal construction products, components and structures, as well as entities mounting steel structures and supplying welded products, corresponding to the requirements for quality welding:

  • initial assessment of the fulfillment of the requirements in respect to the relevant part of ISO 3834
  • certification process of welding quality with the issuance of the certificate certifying the compliance with the relevant requirements of ISO 3834
  • combined certification and supervisory audits of welding quality system according to ISO 3834 focusing on a specific product, with the initial inspection of production management carried out by our Notified Body 1516 under EN 1090-1, and the audit 1090-2 / TKP 19/73 DIN 2603 / ISO 9001 when appropriate
  • staff training and lectures for manufacturers of construction products with CE marking; application of the harmonized standards in production management


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