Fusion welding of metallic materials processes are widely used in the manufacturing of various products and structures. In many organizations, they are assumed to have key positions in the production process. It is important to ensure that the processes of fusion welding of metals are carried out in an effective manner, and that the control of all operations is realized effectively.
ISO 3834 sets quality requirements for fusion welding. It also establishes and specifies the system requirements of ISO 9001.

Harmonized standard EN 1090-1, requires the welding quality system

The holder of Welding Quality System under ISO 3834, in conjunction with the certificate of Quality Management System under ISO 9001 guarantees to customers that the company systematically controls the welding processes, exercise adequate control of all operations of the welding process and has a qualified personnel.

For example, QMS certificate ISO 9001 + ISO 3834-2 is usually a prerequisite for participation in tenders for the manufacturing of pressure vessels, structural building components, structural steelwork, etc. The quality of the welding product cannot be assured by control in the final stage, instead it can be done thanks to the quality of actual welding process.

Our Certification Body for management systems provides

  • certification and recertification of Welding Quality System according ISO 3834 in conjunction with the certificate of Quality Management System according ISO 9001
  • analysis of the fulfillment of the requirements in the field of fusion welding of metal products and constructions
  • independent verification and certification of compliance with the requirements of ISO 3834
  • certification mark licence providing
  • issuing of multilingual certificates
  • combined certification and surveillance audits

ISO 9001 certificate with Welding Quality Annex according to ISO 3834

ISO 9001 certificate with the ISO 3834 annex is an important document for an organization, as it demonstrates the quality of the welding process during the firms’ presentation of its‘ activities, products, services, offerings and tenders, or on the firm’s website.

Our Competences

National accreditation mark given to our Certification Body 3009 by Czech Accreditation Institute in association with license granting. Certificates or other final documents (for emaple test reports) with accreditation mark prove, that the activities of certification body or testing laboratory are accredited and the subject of regular control of Czech Accreditation Institute.


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