The rights and obligations of the holder of the product certificate issued by Certification Body

The holder of the product certificate shall:

  • adopt, for the purposes of supervision, reassessment and resolution of complaints all measures necessary to implement the evaluation and supervision by the certifying body, including the possibility to examine the documentation and to access all areas, records and personnel
  • use the certification only to indicate that the certified products conform to specified standards
  • implement measures to ensure that no certificate or report, nor any part of thereof, would be used in a misleading manner
  • to meet the requirements of the certifying body when referring to its certification in the media, e.g. In the documents, brochures or advertising
  • show records of complaints on certified products and consequent solution upon the request of the certifying body
  • not to use its product certification in a way that could undermine the reputation of the certifying body, and not to make any statements about based on its product certification which would be considered misleading or unauthorized by the certifying body
  • in suspension or revocation of certification, the entity stop using all publicity material containing any reference to the certification and return any certification documents that that certifying body would require