Our Accredited Testing Taboratory is an independent specialist department of our company. It constitutes an integral part of the Authorized Body 227 and is a Notified Testing Laboratory 1516 for verification of construction products with CE marking.

Our laboratory performs verification of building materials, products, building components, structures and products for building equipment with a standard or non-standard test procedures depending on customer requirements. Tests are carried out in our own testing laboratory, in the manufacturer’s laboratory or in-situ, id est outside the testing laboratory premises, for example, on a construction site in the place where the customer receives the products or in manufacturing premises, etc.

The accreditation examines mechanical, acoustic, hydro, thermal, cyclic and endurance properties of products, structures and buildings. It also tests safety and performance of building equipment products. It executes noise measurement, testing of plastics, asphalt and aggregates, fresh and hardened concrete and roads, including the compliance assessment of the test results with the requirements presented by the customer, or by the standard. It provides assessment and evaluation of test results in respect to technical specifications or interpretation of test results, which are directly translated to the test protocol.