Welding is generally regarded as a very specific process whose outcome cannot always be verified by testing after its completion. The quality of the weld cannot be ensured by testing the finished product, but it can be ensured by testing the welding process.

The reason for this is the never ceasing increase in requirements for the quality for both manufacturers and maintenance companies in the field of railway vehicles carrying out welding components, parts and sub-assemblies.

The required measures for this manufacturing process are set in the standard ISO 3834.

The standard EN 15085-2 establishes certification standards and requirements for manufacturers for the welding process and describes procedures for verifying the eligibility of producers.

The certificate is issued the basis of the screening requirements EN 15085-2. This certificate is necessary in order to qualify for the supply of components and parts for railway vehicles under the certification level CL1 – CL4.

Our Certification Body for products and processes offers

  • Voluntary certification and independent verification of:• The welding process for metal products, components, structures and rolling stock under ISO 3834-2, -3, -4 and EN 15085-1
  • Steel structures in accordance with normative regulations and specific requirements TKP (technical requirements for quality), TP (technical conditions) and requirements of investors, suppliers, etc.
  • Assembly process of steel structures in accordance with EN 1090-2 requirements, and respectively in conjunction with ČSN 73 2603
  • Approval and supervision of production management systems (JMC / FPC) in accordance with harmonized standards, where AO / OS are not applied)
  • The appropriateness of products for the building, CE products or products distributed in Czech Republic within the limits of § 156 SZ
  • Concrete production process according to the requirements of Chapter 18 of TKP (technical requirements for quality), MoT
  • Staff training and lectures for manufacturers of products with CE markings, as well as the application of the harmonized standards in the management of production

Comprehensive technical assistance to construction products manufacturers within the process of individual product introduction to the market, or in conjunction with the activities of Authorized Body 227 or Notified Body 1516.

Our Competences

Building Research Institute – Certification company is the holder of Certificate of Authorization given by Czech Accreditation Institute for Certification Body 3013 for products, processes, qualification and EPD. We provide these services since 1993. Certificates are internationally accepted. Range of services of our certification body defines the annex to the certificate of accreditation.


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In wide range of our services, we offer the complex arrangement of your inquiries in the field of testing, inspection and certification (TIC – Testing, Inspection, Certification).